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About Ziarat

Ziarat private company has 6 years of experience in producing, packaging, marketing, and trading affordable saffron at the highest quality. At the same time, we have a considerable volume of export for Medicinal plants, Nuts & Dried fruits, spices, etc. In order to satisfy customers' need for high-quality saffron and our other products, we meet several international standards. We manufacture and package all products with regard to the quality control demands in a well-equipped laboratory by professional experts. Benefitting from the most advanced technology in production and packaging process we offer various package designs with weights variety for both domestic, industrial and commercial use. In parallel, we have started export of the same organic products as well. Up to now, Ziarat saffron is one of the most reputable and well-known brands not only in Iran but also in some European countries like France, Italy, and … Through tireless efforts of our experts, we plan to reach our share of the global market for saffron, Medicinal plants, Nuts & Dried fruits, spices as soon as possible.